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As you can see by this website, we strive to provide essential infomation for you to succeed with your toy invention, hoping that this will save you thousands of dollars and years of time.  Our business is based upon Christian giving as we trust in rewards which come from helping others, and are thankful to those in this industry whose kindness has been shown to us in years past.   We have even directed you to a source of other agents (Playthings "Buyer's Guide") (see previous page) so that you may decide the course of action which is best for you.   But we also must charge for our services -- you as an inventor have to believe in your product enough to put the time and effort (and a little money) behind it.   Otherwise, we have found that some inventors treat this information as a "get rich quick" opportunity, hoping that someone will fall in love with their concept and dump all their resources into it so they don't have to.   We expect that this website will attract the personality of inventor who works best with us.  Inventors who feel their success potential has already been enhanced by the information found here, and appreciate the teamwork and personal development we strive to encourage, will be inclined to continue with us in an inventor-agent relationship.

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NOTE -- We no longer accept any GAME IDEAS!
Please don't send us board games, tossing games, trivia games, word games, etc.  There is a saturation of product in the game industry at this time and it is unlikely that this will change for quite a while.   Thank you for understanding.

The Next Steps

Please help us out:  read this information, and follow it.  Thanks for your courtesy!

  1. If you wish to submit your invention in confidence, print out a copy of our Confidentiality Agreement, make a copy, sign and mail (please do not fax) us the two forms.  Please include your full address on the Confidentiality Agreement or any other correspondence you send us.  (Envelopes with return addresses can get discarded.)
  2. We now charge a fee for our services, and Phone calls will be returned collect.  But you should also expect that a phone call may be answered with a letter.
  3. It may take two to six weeks for a response.   We answer inventors in the order which we receive their information.  Certain times of the year are particularly busy for us.
  4. We will sign the Confidentiality Agreement and send it back.  We prefer not to fax these back as we'd like to include an introductory cover letter.
  5. Please do not send any correspondence by registered or certified mail.   The Confidentiality Agreement is offered to you for our mutual protection.  Sometimes the post office delivers the yellow "wait in line" slips during times no one is here to sign for the item.  We do not have the time to wait in line at the post office, when that time could be spent giving you a FREE evaluation.
  6. Submit the invention to us along with the completed Product Self-Evaluation Form and a check for US$100.00, payable to "Ayers Concepts." ($200.00 if it's a game idea)   Send a short description (or demonstration video) of your invention (for more help, read these guidelines).  
  7. Do not send prototypes until we request that you do so, unless it's a free sample for us to keep.
  8. Include a list of those to whom you have shown the invention.  (The list should consist of toy or product companies and toy agents only -- please don't list investors, witnesses, etc.)  Also give the reason they for passing on your concept.  This will help us in our evaluation and can save time determining what other directions and improvements may insure the success of your invention.
  9. If we determine that your invention meets the necessary criteria, we will discuss the terms for entering into a representation agreement for showing your product to toy companies.
  10. Please don't ask for literature or a brochure on our company.  The "brochure" is our website!  Among other advantages, we can update it instantly.

You can contact us at:

Ayers Concepts
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Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(281) 494-2828, FAX (281) 494-2849

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We also do consulting on toy inventions which includes:

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