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Confidentiality Agreement

This agreement is between
(name) ______________________ of (address) _________________________________________ , "INVENTOR", and
(name) Ayers Concepts, of (address) 427 Brook Shore Court, Sugar Land, Texas 77478 , "AGENT".

INVENTOR warrants that he/she is the creator or owner of proprietary information or a concept known as ____________________TM , "INVENTION", and desires to disclose INVENTION to AGENT for the purpose of improvement, evaluation, and/or agency representation to manufacturers. INVENTOR warrants that he/she has the legal right to disclose information about the INVENTION to AGENT.

AGENT agrees that he shall take such steps as may be reasonably necessary to prevent the disclosure to others of said information. AGENT futher agrees not to utilize any of said information commercially without first having written consent of INVENTOR to do so.

AGENT's obligations defined in this agreement shall not apply to any of said information which:

  1. was known to AGENT prior to the disclosure thereof by INVENTOR,
  2. is, or shall become, other than by an act or omission by AGENT's part, generally available to the public, or,
  3. lawfully be made available to AGENT to use by a third party.

    The foregoing commitments on our part shall cease three (3) years from the date of AGENT's signature on this letter, at which time AGENT shall be free to use any of said information so disclosed without liability, except such liability which may arise under INVENTOR's valid intellectual property rights.

    Written material disclosed to AGENT hereunder will remain INVENTOR's property.

    This agreement is executed by the signatures below:



    Printed name:__________________
    Printed name:__________________

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