Ayers Concepts

Product Self-Evaluation

This Evaluation form is to help determine the potential of your toy or game invention, to guide you to those elements necessary for a good product, and to help us evaluate if it has the characteristics which meet our product search goals.

Inventor's Name _________________________ Date ____________________
Address ____________________________________________________________
Phone No. __________________________ Fax No. _______________________
Product Name _______________________________tm.

List acquired Intellectual Property rights which pertain to this invention:
__ Patent Pending __ Utility Patent __ Document Disclosure filed
__ Design Patent __ Trademark __ Copyright __ Signature of Witness

Have you made a working prototype? ____________

Type of Product:
__ Toy __Game
Toy or Game Category: _______________________________________
Names of products which this invention
most resembles and/or would compete with: ___________________________

What features make your invention so unique? _______________________

What main feature would make the invention sell? __________________

Which Creativity Rules explained on this website have you applied to
your invention? __________________________________________________

What other information on this website seemed to apply? _____________

How have you test played the invention? ____________________________
Describe the results: ______________________________________________

Can the product be extended into a line? (more products developed from it-- this does not mean "t-shirts, key rings, greeting cards".) ______
How would you propose that be done? _______________________________________

Suggest other ways in which the invention can be executed:

Can your invention be made into another product category? _____________
How? __________________________________________________________________

Circle the following aspects which apply to your invention: