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Prototyping Guidlines

This is the most important area for you to spend your time and money!!! A patent is typically the first place where a new inventor decides to spent his money. For upwards of $3000-6000, you are betting on some high stakes, when less than 5% of all U.S. patents which issue develop into products which eventually become sold! Also, prototyping your invention first often leads to improvements you may have wished you'd included in the claims of your patent. Remember, you do not need a patent to negotiate a contract for royalties on an invention.

Don't be afraid to make your first prototype! Think of a prototype as a scaffold on which you stand to see how to construct your next model.

Prototype the difficult, trickier part of the invention first! So much of the rest of your prototype (even patent claims) are determined by how this works out.

Prototyping: Things to determine