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Successful Product Introductions

Pearl DiversTM  was licensed to AquaLeisure.

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This was sold in Target and in 2004, and then in Wal-Mart and Tuesday Morning in 2005.

Let the clamshell fill with water and sink to the bottom of the swimming pool.   Dive down and unlatch the lid -- it will open slightly.  Pull out only one Pearl and bring it to the top.   If you force the lid open too far, it will open all the way.  All the pearls will float to the top, and this will identify you as the one who let them all out!

Dizzy BugTM   was licensed to Fisher-Price.

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It was one of their "Bright Expressions" line with Melody Bug and Wiggle Bug, selling in a variety of stores from 1999 thru 2003.

A miniature version was offered in McDonald's Happy Meals.

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